How to spice up an older computer

If you’re using an older computer, say over 3 years old and running Windows XP, you might have noticed it’s not running as fast as it used to. Maybe you turn it on in the morning, and you’ve got enough time to make breakfast and have a cup of tea before it’s finished starting up!

This is the magical RAM memory!

Don’t despair! There is hope! Very often, the solution is much easier than you’d think. It’s usually down to something called RAM memory. A lot of people confuse memory with Hard Disk space, but the two are completely different.

What’s the difference, and why does memory affect the performance so much?

Imagine a Library – Think of your Hard Disk drive as the number of books in the library. RAM memory is the number of books you can carry at once. If you can only carry one book at a time, you have to keep going in and out, in and out, carrying one book at a time. Think how much faster it would be if you could grab all 10 books at a time!

A few years ago, when your computer was new, memory was very expensive, perhaps 4-5 times the price it is now! So to fit lots of memory then to your computer would have added £100-£200 to the purchase price! Nowadays, memory is cheap and you can completely change your computer’s performance just by adding more memory. A typical upgrade should cost around £50-£60, fitted, and you’ll instantly notice the difference! (As long as lack of memory was the problem to begin with!)

It’s a very quick job to fit memory, and my favourite part is the difference you see to your startup time. People are always happy after I’ve visited!

If you have any questions, please call me on 01689 862825

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