Internet Toolbars – The bane of my (and your) life!

The Internet Browser is the program you use to look at website and webpages. There are a variety of browsers available, the most common is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but alternatives include Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

A relatively recent addition to many people’s internet browser, is a toolbar at the top of their Internet Browser. It may be related to your Anti-Virus program, or it may be related to Google or Yahoo, or it might even be from your supermarket!

They may claim to make your internet life easier, or quicker, or they may not claim anything, and just secretly trick you into installing them anyway with a hidden tick box in a program you’re installing!

Does the top of your internet browser look like this?

Very often, when I’m called out to a slow running PC, I notice a stack of toolbars at the top of their screen, and in my opinion, they serve no useful purpose at all, other than displaying their makers’ name and logo at the top of your screen whenever you use the internet.

This is great for their brand awareness but very bad for the performance of your internet browser! Not to mention, each one also uses up a very useful centimeter at the top of your screen, and if you had 6 or 8 as I’ve seen on some computers, they take up about half of your screen, leaving a narrow window for you to actually view the webpage that you’re trying to look at!

If you look at the top of your internet browser, and notice that you have a stack of these pests, you should try uninstalling them from the Control Panel, or if that sounds too frightening, and your computer feels like it’s wading through treacle, then please give me a call and have a friendly chat!

If you have any questions, please call me anytime.

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