So you’ve given up on your old computer, and decided to go for a beautiful, all-singing and dancing new PC!

My first bit of advice is to go to a big computer chain shop, and have a look at the variety of computers they have there. (I’d advise leaving your credt card at home at this point) get a feel for what you like, and what you’re not bothered about, and to discover exactly what the difference is beween all those computers on display!

There are only a few specifications that are actually relevant to a normal user .It’s a difficult thing to explain in a few words here, but if your computer is around 6 years old, then the cheapest computer money can buy today will probably be around 10 times faster than your old one, and you still will be able to play the mega reel games. Don’t let a pushy salesman persuade you to “upgrade” further and for more money! If you use your computer for emailing, surfing the Internet, and family photos, then the cheapest new computer you can find wil be plenty powerful enough for you. It must have at least 2GB of RAM memory, and a minimum of 320GB hard disk. If you’re a bit of an expert at photography, or a film maker like me, or have another specialist requirement, it would be best to call me for a free chat about what you need.

Fortunately computers come ready assembled nowadays!

Another golden tip is to buy something that’s on offer – Last season’s computers will sometimes have up to £100 off, and if a brand new computer’s already 10 times faster than your old one, why not save £100 and buy one only 9 times faster!

When your new flashy toy arrives, you might want some help to unbox and set it up, or to transfer everything from the old computer to the new computer, so please feel free to give me a call if you’d like some help!